We are an international team of Coaches and Consultants.

Our mission is to make our clients even more successful with innovative coaching and practical, time-tested HR expertise.


Why coaching? Because it gets through to people. It works well because every leader, every team, and every company is unique. Classroom training and webinars don’t match up on personal relevance, which is essential for real growth and change. Preston Leadership pioneered Coordinated Coaching℠, a transformative professional development methodology that emphasizes collaboration. Cost-effective coaching used to be an oxymoron, but not anymore.


Why outsourced HR? Because there actually can be too much of a good thing. Compliance is more complicated now, and there are inherent risks and missed opportunities when HR is left to Office Managers or Admin resources. Outsource your HR needs to the HR experts at Just Enough HR. We handle a wide variety of projects and services very cost-effectively and without unnecessary interference or administrivia.


Why PRESTON? One of the most reliable indications of success for a professional consultancy is its rate of repeat engagements. We are very proud to say that clients like Bentley, First Round Capital, De Lage Landen, Aria Systems, IMPAX Laboratories and many more have called on us again and again. Winning a first engagement with a new client is one thing, but being asked back again is quite another.


We would truly welcome an opportunity to discuss Coordinated Coaching and outsourced HR services with you.

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