Cost-Effective Coaching for Managers


We’re often asked to turn managers into leaders.

And we deliver.


Successful companies like Bentley Systems, First Round Capital and De Lage Landen have turned to us again and again for leadership development and outsourced HR solutions.


Why coaching?

Coaching works so well because it’s personalized, and that’s absolutely essential for engagement and growth. Every client is unique, so our coaching programs are all customized to include corporate goals as well as individual objectives. An experienced, confidential outsider Coach, with shared goals and permission to be blunt, is a powerful catalyst for growth and  success.


Why outsourced HR?

For small business, expert human resource and information management solutions from Just Enough HR and BambooHR are a cost-effective alternative to staff overload, compliance risk, and “E.I.” (entrepreneurial indigestion). We are HR and efficiency experts, saving everyone time and money. We know that talent management and compliance is more complicated than ever, but they do not require unnecessary overhead or administrivia.


Why choose Preston?

One of the most reliable indications of success for a professional consultancy like ours is its rate of repeat engagements. We are proud to say that we count Bentley Systems, First Round Capital, De Lage Landen, Ameriprise, Miles Technologies, Integrated Access Corporation, 4R Systems and Aria Systems among our many repeat clients. We realize that winning the first engagement with a new client is impressive enough, but being asked back repeatedly is a deeper measure of success.
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